U.S. Government, Please Spy on Me

I know this sounds like a crazy title/post, but I truly believe it.  I have nothing to hide in my boring (ok, not always boring, but legal) life.  If the government tapping my phone makes me safer from terrorists and protects my three beautiful, innocent daughters, I am all for it.

I know there are lots of people who disagree with me….probably for lots of reasons. The biggest complaint seems to be “our loss of civil liberties”.  I’m sorry, when you have 19 terrorist infiltrate our country, come here legally and then use jumbo jets to kill thousands of innocent people, then things change.  Life changes. 


We are the most welcoming country.  You can’t just go visit other countries.  If you want to visit the Middle East, you have to be sponsored by someone.  They are very strict about who comes and leaves their country.  We are not.  We let everyone come.  We don’t want to be seen as “racist” or bad people.


Ok…so the point of my post….Edward Snowden….what a BIG FAT LOOSER!!!! I watched the interview with Brian Williams.  I love Brian Williams.  I think Edward Snowden is a traitor who deserves to have the book thrown at him!!!


Brian Williams said that our NSA director said it was like giving our enemy our playbook.  I don’t know what this guy’s agenda is.  He seems like a computer nerd who needs attention.  The unpopular guy who wants our attention.  Well, Edward Snowden, you have our attention.  You are a traitor.  The worst of the worst.  You said to Brian Williams all you want to do is come “home”…Screw you…you lost your rights to be a citizen of the greatest country ever when you turned traitor.  Who gives secrets to our enemies? Every country has a CIA and has secrets.  The fact that he is in Russia is a big SLAP in our FACE!  If I could give him his punishment for being such a jerk, I would ban him and Dennis Rodman to North Korea.  They are about equal is morality, standards, intelligence. 

This winner says that he was more than an IT guy. He had a high position in the CIA. Shame on us for letting someone slip by so easily.  In the interview he says he knows of nobody who has been hurt.  Is he living in la la land. People are being executed based on his leakings.  I hope the book is thrown at him.  We need a precedent set. You screw with America, you have consequences!

Good Job Brian Williams

Bad Job Edward Snowden, aka loser who deserves to rot in Siberia!


On a side note.  He wants to come home to his country and says he is practicing civil disobedience.  Edward Snowden, we are passed that.  Terrorism is a new ball game and you will lose!  

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