Cold May

It's so great! Our May weather has been nice! Not the normal heat wave:) I heard it was because of the really cold winter we had. I'll take it!

I went to the gym and burned 800 calories (a record)...the secret I learned from my trainer, if you are going to use the elliptical, do interval/fat burning. It is not that much harder and you burn way more calories. I spent the hour and few minutes watching murder mysteries on the Discovery Channel. That is why I burned so many calories, I was in the middle of a show:)

Next I ran to a kids resale shop looking for tap shoes for Isabella. She needs them 3 more times and I didn't want to buy brand new ones. I also picked up a stroller for Finley because we accidentally left hers at the circus a few weeks ago.

The cleaning lady was at my house when I got home..there is always that dilemma..I don't want to seem lazy, but I don't want to clean when she is there...I know, I am very grateful for this problem:)

Life is good and we are certainly blessed!!!

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