Tonight's extra post is dedicated to the topic of "friends".

There are so many types of friends people have.  We have best friends, good friends, great friends, fun friends, acquaintances, friends we can go forever without talking or seeing and pick right up, friends that we have been friends forever, but don't seem to have much in common anymore.

This post was inspired by our dinner tonight at Ruggles Green at City Center with our friends Elana and Jason.  We met them while Dave and Jason were both attending Rice MBA.  They were New Yorkers who fell in love with Houston.  Our friendship is kind of like one of those "fifty degrees of Kevin Bacon" because we seem to know common people from different places.  We hit it off immediately when we met them and had a blast hanging out with them while they were in H-Town.  They unfortunately moved back to New York (Long Island in fact), but are good about making a couple of trips back to Houston each year.

This is what I finally got tonight:

People come in and out of your life at various points.  Some you will stay in contact with, others will fade away.  What I appreciate about friends like Jason and Elana, and Stewart and Karen, and vast number of other friends (Tara, Lance, Nana, Stephanie, I could go on and on).  I appreciate that these fun, wonderful, kind hearted people make the effort.  They have 2 very small cute little boys and are busy, yet made the time to make arrangements to meet up with us.  We couldn't meet up last night, so they worked us in for tonight.  These are the types of friendships (along with others I cherish). They are not hard.  We can go forever without seeing each other, but meet and pick up like we have seen each other last week.

Tonight also made me realize that I need to not be so lazy about my friendships.  I need to make the effort.  It is easy for others to always plan things, but sometimes you have to take the initiative.  If you take the initiative over and over and people don't have time for you, that is ok...don't take it personally.  It just means that for some reason there is something that doesn't mesh as well as others. 

I can remember Dave and I were excited about hanging out with a couple (this was before kids).  We hung out a few times, but they just "were not into us"....We got it...and were ok...Everyone's personalities don't always mesh.  We didn't take it personally.  We moved on and made other friends.

So, thank you Jason and Elana for a fun evening!  Thank you for making the effort.  We have a blast hanging out with you guys and secretly hope you get transferred back to the Big State of Texas because we know you both are true Texans at heart:)

Oh and the food at Ruggles is good!

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