My New Stitch Fix

The excitement never ends coming home and seeing that cute little box:)

I couldn't even open it for an hour because Finley decided to go nuts. So I patiently waited:)

I love when I opened it they used the wrap dress to wrap the clothes:) it's the small details:)

I liked all the pieces I took out of the box, but was not sure about the maxi skirt pattern. It seemed a bit 70s-80s pattern. All the pieces (high quality) ranged from about 40 to 60. 

Here they are out of the box:)

My wonderful sister in law Ashlee took pictures of me:) I wish I were much thinner, but have been working my tail off at the gym..this baby weight (Finley is 9 months..I get that this excuse is about to run out) will come off the right way:)

Ok...so here is my review...this was my favorite box. I liked all pieces and feel that as I continue losing weight, they will still work. The wrap dress was the least flattrering, but mainly because it was too long. I love the color. With a cute chunky necklace and the dresesed hemmed, I think I would wear it a lot. 

Soooo...I did the math... I loved 3-4, possibly 5 pieces...the quality of these clothes are high..they are boutique, high end, classic.

I did the math. All 5 pieces added up to $274.00. But the exciting thing is that if you keep all 5 pieces, you get a 25% discount. That amounts to $205.00. To me that is a great deal!!! I got 2 shirts, a skirt, a dress, and cardigan for basically $200.00.  I will wear these pieces over and over and over. I love that as I lose this weight, I can still wear them.

Overall, I am very happy with this month's stich fix. I heard they get better every month because of your feedback. I feel like my stylist listened to me perfectly! I asked for a dress, maybe a skirt, and shirts. I reminded her I lived in hot Houston:) 

I know that not everyone has $200.00 a month to spend on clothes. I get how fortunate I am. I usually only keep one or two pieces. The pieces I have kept have been worn over and over. You get what you pay for.

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