Never Go to the Second Location!

Today’s blog is going to piggy back on the “Silent Drowning” blog I posted a couple of days ago and will focus on safety…and then I will go back to happy entries.  I decided to talk about three issues because two of my friends recently brought them up.  The third is one that has always freaked me out.

First:  Secondary drowning.  After I posted about Isabella almost drowning, my friend Desiree added this additional information that is very valuable.  Here is the blog post http://www.delightedmomma.com/2014/05/secondary-drowning-my-recent-experience.html.  Secondary drowning is basically when a child (or adult) consumes too much water in a period of time. I remember reading about it a few years ago and am psycho about my kids not drinking pool water on purpose.  If a small child is in a pool all day and drinks and drinks the water, they could die.  If your child goes under for a short amount of time, seems better, they could die.  It is very scary.


Second:  Leaving your baby in the car on accident.  My friend Jenny brought this up at lunch the other day.  Every year babies die strapped in their car seats, left in the heat because their loving parents changed their routine and forgot they had the baby.  It is one of those horrible freak accidents that could happen to any of us.  I remember it happened to an assistant principal in the Houston/Katy area.  How many times have you had the same routine over and over and accidently do it when you are supposed to do something else.  We are creatures of habit. The Parents magazine suggested putting something you need next to the baby if you are not normally the person to drop the baby off, something to make you go to the back of your car.  Sadly, this is something that could happen to any of us, but people are ostracized and treated horribly.  Same thing for accidently running over your child that you do not know is in the drive way.

Finally:  Never go with an abductor, even if they have a gun to your head.  I taught high school seniors for fourteen years.  Every once and a while when I remembered I would include this in my end of year advice.  I was always amazed that 99% of the time, these young adults had never heard this.  I think Generation X and older people remember watching Oprah and watching episodes about this type of topic.  Here is the bottom line.  The second you get taken to the second location, you are basically dead…and what they do to you before they kill you is probably going to be bad.  I hate to be so blunt, but this is the reality.  If a predator puts a gun to your head and demands you get into a car, you have a better chance of surviving being shot in that location (remember to run away in a zig zag direction) than getting in that car.


Ok…and on a slightly lighter note, but still kind of morbid/ weird.  I have made no effort to hide the fact that I am obsessed with the ID channel.  It amazes me the number of stories I have watched where the wife has told someone (neighbor, child, friend) that if something happens to them, make sure and have the husband investigated….Here is my question…How do you stay married to a person that you think may or may not kill you at any time???? In one case a woman had a feeling.  She found a list her husband wrote of ways to kill someone.  She took a picture of it and then wrote a letter saying if she dies, to check out the husband.  She sealed this in an envelope along with the pictures of the list.  She gave it to the neighbor and asked the neighbor to keep it and give it to the police if something happens to her…Ok…this story is so screwed up on many levels.  First, the neighbor never opened the sealed letter and gave it to the police when she died.  Second, the husband’s attorney fought to have it inadmissible in court because “people have the right to face their accuser”.  He won in the first round, but lost in the second round because the judge ruled he made it impossible for her to be present.  Finally, a recent federal judge has overturned the ruling saying that the letter should not be admissible.  So people, the lesson of the story, if you have any inkling your spouse wants to knock you off, leave…..fast….


Which reminds me of that rich Houston lady whose husband tried to kill her over and over and she kept living…and then she still wanted to stay with him….people are nuts. Why can’t they be normal like mehaha.

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