Work horses

Today was all about work. Dave and I worked all day packing boxes, getting it ready to go on the market:) We have this huge chair that we tried to take out of the study and ended up busting a huge whole in the door...it has to be replaced. Other than that we are on track!

Between cleaning, making freezer meals, and keeping kids happy it was an interesting day! Tomorrow the guy who stained our built-in is supposed to do all the touch up paint. 

I can't believe the girls and I leave for Seattle Tuesday morning:) I have to pack!!! Life is good, busy, but good!

Our whirlpool jucazi jets worked one time since we moved into our house. Five years later we called our home warranty company to fix it. I can't believe we never sorted it out before. It was only 60.00 to fix and the girls and I took our first jet bath with bubbles. They were ecstatic! 

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