Isabella's Favorites from the 2013-2014 School Year

This is a bit of a continuation of Corrin's last post. The final page is Isabella's yearbook includes a "Favorites" section. The questions and answers were...

Teacher: Ms. Brooks, Ms. Cook, Ms. Calaco
Subject in school: Art
School event: Boosterthon
Book: Rainbowfish
Music: Piano
Song: Old Dan Tucker
Sport: Swinging
Movie: Frozen
TV show: Vampires
Actor/Movie Star: Danielle Bradbury
Friend: Gianna
Color: Pink
Number: 100
Time of Year: Spring
Place to visit: Field trip, going to the zoo
Place to eat: Kenzo Sushi (in La Centerra), they have miso soup
Game: Hangman
Holiday: Easter
Dessert: Brownies

Height: 3'-6"
Weight: 36.6 lbs
Shoe Size: 10
Signature: See picture
Things I want to remember: Egg drop contest, used Fruit Loops as insulation.

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