"The girls"

I'm so proud of my girls.  When I am with all three, we get lots of smiles, lots of "your girls are beautiful", lots of nice comments...Here is a quick update:


  • Is 5, will turn 6 in August.
  • still LOVES school
  • wanted to be a singer at the beginning of the year, then changed her mind to farmer after they had a unit on agriculture, now she wants to be an artist
  • she is still the first one to fall asleep and the first one to wake up
  • she is like her mama....a morning girl
  • very consciousness about school... 
  • loves to please
  • is independent...can entertain herself
  • is a social butterfly
  • gets embarrassed in the car rider line if she thinks I have the music too loud
  • favorite color is pink
  • favorite food is brownies
  • is low maintenance when it comes to picking out clothes for school
  • she LOVES being a Daisy
  • she complained about dance, but seems to like it now
  • is VERY smart
  • loves to read


  • Is 4, will be 5 in December
  • still beats to her own drum
  • is a night owl...like her dad...could stay up all night...but is grouchy in the morning
  • is picky when it comes to picking out clothes for school...she has her "own style"...I usually "roll with it"...sometimes, I have to say no...
  • says everyone in her class is her "best friend"
  • tells stories all the time and says ....a long, long, long, long, long, long time ago....
  • loves her sisters and her teachers and her family.....has such a big heart
  • favorite color is purple
  • favorite food is watermelon
  • is super sweet
  • loves playing with Finley
  • tries very hard to tell stories to us
  • her favorite animal is a rabbit
  • is very much in to the "side ponytail"
  • loves to hear the song "Let It Go" from Frozen.


  • is almost 9 months
  • she is crawling
  • her cousin Charlotte tries to "play hit her"
  • wants to always see her mommy
  • hates to be excluded
  • says mama, dada
  • says pbbbpttt.
  • is serious
  • hates baby food, loves adult food
  • when she is so tired she climbs on you and lays her head on your leg
  • loves sleeping in her crib so she can sleep on her tummy
  • likes to sleep in
  • has a big, beautiful smile....always smiling when she sees us
  • hates diaper changes and being strapped in car seat
  • looks like a cabbage patch doll

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