Weight lifted off my shoulders:)

I feel a lot lighter..the few pounds I have lost recently, help, but the weight I am talking about is all of the commitments, activities, ect. They seem to all be coming to an end:) Life is good!!! I am so blessed!

Saturday I graduated from Lamar University with my Masters in School Counseling. I did not attend my ceremony, but am still excited, proud, and happy to be finished. I spent a few days bragging to my family about me spending the last 6 years working full time most of it, having three kids, and earning 2 Masters Degrees (the other one was from Sam Houston State Umiversity- Masters in Educational Leadership). Really I'm not a bragger, but I do remember all of the hours and hours spent writing papers, giving presentations, and working with kids. I'm including the picture of my first masters because it was special- I earned it with my twin sister.

Yesterday we had Isabella's end of year party for for Girl Scouts. Being the troop leader was good and I am appreciative of the time I got to spend with Isabella. The girls and moms were all wonderful! My co-leader was the best! 

Summer is almost here. Our house is almost finished with projects. Isabella received her yearbook today! 

Sophia learned about Neil Armstrong. I can't say enough how blessed we are!

She picked out her outfit today.  She sharpied the feet of the boots, but still wears them all the time.

Finley claps when you sing the happy and know it song and has started to try and wave:)

I am trying to cherish having Finley because I know we won't have another baby:)

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