Office Pet Peeves

This entry was inspired by a few things.  One of my friends and former classmates from Pineville always jokes about a co-worker who does not dress professionally (he is an engineer).  Apparently she wears yoga pants and other inappropriate items.  I also have read a few articles in the last few days about office complaints and other things you should avoid doing at work.

First, I am going to mention my top “work” pet peeves and then will talk about the articles. (Granted, I may sound like a brat because I am not currently working, but while I was gainfully employed, I worked very hard).
  • Unprofessional dress by workers and in my case students (not at my last job). If you work in a professional environment you should not wear flip flops, short skirts, clothing that seems sexual, sweat pants, and tennis shoes if it is not jean day. I worked at a school where students were allowed to wear pajamas, slippers, and bring blankets to class.
·         Co-workers who want to ride your coattails- they want you to share all of your good stuff, but never take the initiative to create their own stuff. (maybe this is a teaching thing). I always shared with everyone because when it was all said and done, the kids benefited from good lessons.  I was fortunate to work with lots of people who shared, shared, shared.  Every once in a while you would come across a teacher who would not share.  That made no sense to me because the kids suffer.

·         When cliques form

·         Complainers

·         People who say “that is not my job”….sorry, if you are on the clock, it is your job.  If your boss says sweep the floors, they have that right. 

·         Lazy people

·         People who hate their job….go find a different profession.  Don’t make others suffer around your misery!  Just do it!

·         People who spend too much time on the internet (facebook, twitter, etc) when they are supposed to be working.  Appropriate personal technology time would be breaks.


Here is an article from the Houston Chronicle about the biggest office pet peeves. I will list a few:


Office gossip, passive aggressive emails, smelly lunches (burnt pop corn, microwave fish), obnoxious phone calls you can hear (on bus, in cubicles), grooming in public, nasty communal refrigerators, people who steal food in fridge (who does this?), people not washing their hands after using the restroom.

This article was about mistakes millennials make that will either not get them the job or will get them fired.

Basically it was about people being on social media all day long.  If you are working and you have coworkers who go home and see that you have been posting all day long on social media sights, that does not look good.  That means you have too much time on your hands and should ask your boss for more work.

The article also talked about the importance of before you get the interview, employers’ google you and check out your social media if it is not private.  This can tell you a lot about someone.  If you are constantly complaining about your job, coworkers, or boss, that is a red flag to a potential employer.  This seems to be obvious but I have some people in my network who are guilty of this and don’t realize.


Finally, I love Suze Orman and used to show my seniors this clip.  It is very good, especially if you have middle, high, or college aged kids.  It is perfect advice!!!

It’s called Suze Orman’s advice to the young, fabulous, and broke.

My question is this:  what are your office pet peeves?

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