Why I love my Buick

Dave and I keep our cars forever. After his Ford Explorer died, we were in search of another SUV. We knew we were going to be smart and buy a one or two year old vehicle. Not only would this save us money, we felt we could get a little nicer car than if we bought brand new.

Dave was the one to suggest the Buick Enclave. My first reaction was laughing. This was a couple of years ago before Buick upped their marketing to younger buyers. I only knew old people with Buicks, really old people:)

Ultimately we decided on a Brown Buick Enclave. After buying this car, I am a very loyal Buick customer and will probably seek out this brand when this one dies.

So, these are the reasons I love our Buick.
- the price was very affordable
- it is a smooth ride
- I like the way it looks 
- it is easy to navigate and get into and out of parking spaces (unlike my sister's huge Sequoia.
- it has a beep beep sensor telling you if you are about to back into something. (I know some people prefer a camera, but I prefer a beep)
- it has an electrical outlet where we can plug things in
- it has three rows of leather seats (2 rows of bucket seats and a bench)
- it has both a sun roof and a moon roof.
- you can start the car from the outside (cold days can warm up car, hot days can cool down car)
- the rear hatch has a button you push to go down (instead of putting it down with your hand)
- the sound system is awesome (Bose)
- it has a built in DVD player 
- the front two seats have seat warmers
- everything is electrical (seats, windows)
- it is paid for

On a side note, a few weeks ago I was parked next to a really old man. He stopped to ask me how I like my Buick because he was thinking about buying one:)

So now my question is this, have I convinced you to buy a Buick as your next car?

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