Mommy pampering

Today was so cute! I dropped the girls off at school and normally would head to body pump, but we found a guy who would stain our new downstairs built in. It is not finished, but here are a few before and in progress pictures:)

I chose a very dark stain:)

Next I drove to Cypress to get a quick touch up on my roots and then back to Katy for the Kindergarten OKE mommy make over. It was so cute. We were told to bring our make up, nail polish hairbrush, etc.

I went with basically a blank pallet (I put on a little foundation and powder).

Isabella's teacher greeted us at the door in a cute black salon apron and said "Isabella, you client is here". 

We were sat at a table with lots of cute stuff they made for us, water, cookies, lotion, spray, etc

On the wall they had pictures of moms the kids drew and we had to guess ours:) I knew mine had yellow hair:)

We sat down and they had a place mat.

Followed by a folder containing lots of goodies:)

She even made a book about me:)

 My mom is as gentle as a feather.

My mom is as sweet as sugar:)

Then she pampered me. I brought tacky make up, but she was very mild. The little boy next to us took bright blue eye shadow and colored his mom's eyebrows blue...it was too cute and funny:)

Overall, it was awesome. We bonded and then headed to dance (one more class then the recital!!!). We then headed to city center for dinner with friends:)

Before I forget, Finley made me a Mother's Day card:)

And a few Picts from today:)

Waiting in car rider line:)

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