Drix Wine and Grill Review

Yesterday we were trying to figure out where we could go to celebrate my birthday. My friend told me that the wine bar Drix on Mason (have passed a million times) was trying to "rebrand" themselves to be more family/kid friendly.  Dave mentioned that he saw the same thing on facebook.  The idea sounded interesting, so we decided to try it out.
Here is my review:
We went on Wednesday around 5:30 pm.  They are located in a parking lot (outside view is not the greatest) but having outside seating is a plus.   I liked that my three small kids could come in.  They immediately escorted us to the "kid" part where they had 2 tables right next to the "kid zone".


  • The kid zone is AWESOME!!!!! It was large, had a couple of computers, a big flat screen tv, and a kid's playscape.  They had a decent kid menu.
  • The service was EXCELLENT!
  • The menu had a lot of variety....lots of tappas type dishes, but also main courses.
  • We could have been seated in a little more open area, but did not feel comfortable because our kids are so young.
  • This would be a great place to come with friends and their kids (preferably a little older so we wouldn't be stuck in one of the 2 corner tables...we felt confined.)
  • Beer on draft
  • Wine was great!
  • We liked "the potential"....there are a few tweaks that could make this place AWESOME!!!!
  • The brunch looks AWESOME!!!

  • The place was pretty empty (of course it was Wednesday and 5:30)
  • The girls had fun in the play area, but we ended up just having a drink because we felt confined.  It just wasn't fun for us...If we had another couple, different location in the restaurant, that would have made the difference.
  • When I go to wine bars I like to order "wine flights"...they only had 2 and were out of one type of wine on each side.   They need to offer more flights...people like to sample.
  • Flights of beer would be awesome as well.
We think this place has great potential.....In a perfect world this place would be set up a little different where our kids could play, we could see them, but not be "confined to one of 2 tables"...maybe some live music (they probably have this already)...I feel like they need to get a few more "focus group" types of people to make the tweaks so that it is successful. I feel our issue was unique because we had a 5, 4, and 8 month old.  Families with older children would find it much more comfortable.  They could let their kids play and check on them every once in a while.  I feel they need to keep advertising that it is a Wine Bar and Grill...families welcome, but people who don't want to deal with kids can still have a quiet area and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

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